We Rescue animals from: Abuse. Extreme Neglect. Kill Shelters. Feed Lots. 

We bring them to our Sanctuary and give them all the care they need. Bringing them back to health with medical treatment, food, water, shelter and most importantly: LOVE!

Once Rehabilitated, we will give all animals behavioral assessments from our expert trainers. We will then provide the training needed to give all animals their best possible chances of finding a home. Of being an amazing companion for their forever family. The ultimate goal of our rescue, is to Save, treat, rehabilitate and love on our rescued animals, who in turn will then do the same for their adopters.




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    Here are the Horses saved so far by Believe Rescue Ranch


    Charity Miles

    Hi Everyone! Just a quick note to let you know that Believe Ranch and Rescue now has a team on Charity Miles. It's #believeranchandrescue.

    Charity Miles is an iPhone/Android app enabling you to earn money for charity every time you walk, run, bike, skip, etc. Right now there are 37 charity partners. Believe Ranch and Rescue has applied to join their ranks. To help support the application it would be great to have you download the Charity Miles app, create an account choose a charity you like . We are not an official partner charity yet, our goal is to be one with your help! Then join the #believeranchandrescue team!! Once you do that you can start logging steps and miles. Right now they will earn money for another charity, but when Believe Ranch and Rescue hopefully becomes a partner then you'll be able to support our very favorite rescue.

    Follow instructions for setting up your account and registering with the #believeranchandrescue team: Once you're logged into Charity Miles, tap the Menu Button (top left corner of charity selector page) > Select Teams. In the search bar that says "Find/Create Teams" enter the team name you would like to join (#believeranchandrescue). Be sure the spelling is correct and mirrors how the team name is spelled you're joining. Lastly, after you type in the team name you want to join, tap the Join team button at the top of the team page.

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